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Photos by Pippa Sieppala.

I'm Malaika Mollel, a Finnish-Tanzanian artist living in Helsinki, Finland. I'm a multidimensional artist, and my journey as one started with painting figures in 2020. Since then, I've developed my art by continuing the life of my paintings by designing and making clothing collections out of them (together with the help of my dear mum), diving into ceramics and learning serigraphy.


I get inspiration for my art from my imagination, the environment i'm at and by exploring the art around me. Also, one thing I want to seperately mention is the inspiration I get from whats lacking in my surrounding. Which in my opinion here in Finland in the art, interior and fashion scene are bright colours and coloured figures -which both play a major role in my art.


In the upcoming years I will explore my skills even further. My mind is full of visions of what I want and will create in the near future, which includes growing my brand and business further.

Welcome to explore my creations!

Video filmed & edited by Katariina Tamminen.

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