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Hey Gorgeous!

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Welcome <3

Step into the fascinating world of my creations ! 

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Pictures by As You Are agency

So good to see you here!

Everything you'll find from my site is made with love <3 

Have fun visiting and hopefully you'll find something to treat yourself with ;)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send me a message!


Enter the Enchanting World of Malaika

Malaika Mollel is a Finnish Tanzanian artist residing in Helsinki, who finds her passion in painting and translating her artwork into clothing designs. She also creates unique earrings from fabric remnants, among many other creative pursuits. Malaika's artistic creations are characterized by their vibrant colors and bold expressions, bringing delight to those who encounter them.

Turning Paintings into Wearable Art

Malaika designs exceptional, one-of-a-kind garments from her distinctive designs. Her creations result in apparel that possesses a timeless and adaptable quality, capable of being worn and accessorised in various ways to suit diverse body types. Malaika's clothing is designed to be lifelong treasures.
Malaika Mollel_0830_C_WEB Srgb.jpg

Locally Produced High-Quality Garments

The majority of Malaika's collection are produced by her mother, Tuula Mollel, here in Helsinki, with a few exceptions made in Latvia. Our fabrics are sourced from a Latvian textile printing company, ensuring high quality and local production.
Malaika's products are crafted to withstand time and wear. The fabrics used in our clothing are carefully selected for longevity and have been tested for colorfastness and durability.


Minimizing Fabric Waste

We minimize fabric waste to nearly zero by using smaller pieces for accessories such as small scarves, scrunchies, and earrings. No fabric goes to waste, as all materials are repurposed into new products.

Empowering Through Fashion

Our mission is to create sustainable, high-quality fashion that empowers individuals and celebrates cultural diversity. We are committed to minimizing environmental impact through innovative design and ethical production practices. By combining timeless aesthetics with exceptional craftsmanship, we aim to provide our customers with garments that are not only beautiful but also built to last.

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