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Asha - Hope, life

Asha is her name and what a goddess the lady is. Making big moves in her life as she just moved to the place she has dreamt of living in for a year now. Feeling so free, ready to start fresh in a new environment and to get to know herself on another layer life has to offer. It’s scary too, but what would life be like if you just stick to the comfort and never challenge yourself?

Asha want to challenge you all to set yourself goals that take you towards your dreams, and most importantly: start working! If you take small steps every day, imagine where you can be after a few months or a year? Just remember, results follow responsibility.


  • Original painting "Asha - Hope, life" from 2021.
    Possible to pay in installments. Please send a message to for details.

    Acrylics on MDF. Signed in the front and back.

    • Height 140cm
    • Width 100cm
    • Depth 3cm

    Please note that these measurements includes built in frames.

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