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Zahra - Flower (Swahili)

Zahra is living her life in Zanzibar, Tanzania. She just moved there three months ago from Dar, which is a huge city by the coast. She wanted to get away from all the hassle and is now really enjoying the island vibe.
She just opened a cute, small cafe by the most beautiful beach offering fresh fruits, drinks, and samosas. Every once in a while, they host reggae gigs and open mics too, which are always in such a mood.
Sounds good, eh? Welcome for a visit!


  • Art print of the original painting "Zahra - Flower (Swahili)" from 2020.

    Printed on 250 gram, polished paper from Canon with a white base. The paper has a white border around the print. Signed by the artist. The frame is not included.

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